The Gabriel's Good Tidings® mission is to help women find essentials easier and brighten their space. 

Every product we create reflects that goal. 

The volume of items we manufacture provides opportunities for women to work from home and generate supplemental income for their families.  


No more digging through my huge tote to find my lip balm! Super cute!


Great quality and well priced. I like that it is supporting women who are working from home. The keychain is nice and heavy too.


Love these! Bought some in the past and have had so many compliments so I decided to buy some as Christmas gifts.


Could not be happier with my wristlet! I loved being able to choose my own colors and ribbon. As a teacher, I have to carry my keys at all times. I love having something so stylish on my wrist or in my pocket!


Love these! So adorable and make finding my chapstick super easy. Got one for my two best friends as well!!


I was impressed by how quickly I received the product from the time that I ordered it. I started using it immediately and love how it feels and looks.


Love it! Super cute, durable, and I love that I was able to customize it to look just how I wanted it. Definitely would recommend!


I ordered these keychains on the 23rd and they were delivered to my mailbox on the 26th! Great quality and VERY fast shipping!


These make such great gifts!! Always a hit. Quick ship and super quality!!


Welcome, friend. I'm Amy.

The dream of Gabriel's Good Tidings began decades ago as I sat with my mom and grandmothers learning to sew. I imagined the day when I would create products that people wanted to purchase. Little did I know that my aspirations would one day provide for my family, support other women working from home, and grow into a thriving business. 

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